Some Solutions to Solve Homelessness and Unemployment in US

Some Solutions to Solve Homelessness and Unemployment in US

Some Solutions to Solve Homelessness and Unemployment in USHomelessness and unemployment becomes serious issues that cannot be taken lightly. Many countries face the problems and it is not easy to get the solution. Even, United States also have the same issues and these are still not totally solved. Both of these problems are related. When someone lose his or her job and cannot earn proper income, they will have difficulties to deal with the daily needs, and even to deal with the costs for housings. Thus, those who are jobless will mostly become homeless unless they can get new job as soon as possible. However, it is not just the matter of the being jobless. High price of housing and difficulties to get good incomes can become other causes. There are also mental illnesses that can lead people to become homeless and jobless at the same time.

Of course, government do not close their eyes and ignore the situations. Federal government and even state government try many methods and programs to solve the issues. One of them can be seen in Pennsylvania and one of the programs is called case management. This is service offered by the government and the goal is to find what people need and main causes that make them homeless and jobless. The Case Management program is not only to help them in identifying the issues and causes, but these are also program to support them with proper skills and tools. These supports are to help them so they are not going to be in the situation of being homeless. The program has many types of services. For example, there are services of budgeting, training of life skills, and even home management. Government really wants to help these unfortunate people so they can have better life quality and able to work with better conditions.

Next, there is program of Rental Assistance. The program is dedicated to those unfortunate people who are forced to leave apartment or home that they rent. The government through the program can provide necessary services to provide mortgage security and even financial support to handle the payment. Through the program, the unfortunate people can have two solutions. First, they can choose to stay in the apartment or house while the government helps to solve the issues regarding tis payment. Second, they can choose to leave the program can help them to get more affordable housings.

Bridge housing becomes interesting program. This is program that will help people so they can leave the shelter and solve the homelessness. People can leave the emergency shelter owned by government and then they will live in shared apartment or house. By doing so, the costs of living can be shared so it can ease the burden. The program can be available for 18 months. During these months, the unfortunate people and upgrade their skills and find better job opportunities. The Bridge Housing can work together with the program of Case Management so the person can be prepared to get what he or she needs in obtaining the permanent housing.

Some programs mentioned above are initiated by the government. As citizens, you can also take parts in supporting and helping the homeless and jobless people. It can start by donating your used clothes. When you have many used clothes and you do not wear them anymore, it is better to donate them so there will be people who can wear those clothes. It is simple but effective solutions because jobless and homeless people do not only need place to stay, but they need to have clothes so they can have better comfort in life. At the same time, you can make your used items more useful and you lose nothing from it.

Joining fundraising program and activity can become good way to help the unfortunate people. Many social actions conducted by some groups and even non-profit organizations have fundraising programs. You can donate your money and all money from donators will be collected and distributed among the jobless and homeless people. It is communal action and simple donation will have serious impact on those who need. If you have no used clothes and enough money for donation, you can use your energy. You can become volunteers and help those who are homeless in some shelters.

When you are someone who has good business, you can spare some positions for jobless and homeless people. You can join job fairs and provide job opportunities for them. In this case, simple positions will be enough for those who are unfortunate. They are people who do not even have money and place to stay. Thus, having method and good way to earn money will be very helpful for them. Simple job as gardener or even assistance in kitchen will be enough for them. Moreover, government normally has programs to let them learn and gain new skills. Thus, you only need to provide opportunity for them to use what they have learnt.