Some Programs from Government for the Homeless and Jobless People

Some Programs from Government for the Homeless and Jobless People

Some Programs from Government for the Homeless and Jobless People – Homelessness and unemployment have become serious issues in US. The problems have occurred for many years and it is estimated that numbers of homeless and jobless people keep increasing every year. Of course, it is responsibility of government to take care of these unfortunate peoples. Many states have made their policies and programs to help them. However, before going further to see the programs, it is necessary to know reasons of many homeless and jobless people in US.

One of the main reasons is the metal illness. Mental illness becomes serious issues that cause the homelessness and unemployment in America. Even, it is estimated that there are 250,000 people who have metal illness in US and these people need appropriate supports and assistance so they can at least have shelter. Unfortunately, those who are mentally ill are lack of capabilities and mental states that make them unable to work. If they are able to work, at least government and social groups can assist them so they can find certain jobs and later they can have enough money to afford shelter or house. It may still be hard for them to buy a house, but they can have enough money to continue their lives and there are programs from government and social activities that enable them to get shelter. Meanwhile, those who have mental illness are not in good conditions to work. In the end, they have hardship in life and even it is hard to get shelter. There is no easy solution to deal with the issues and government of USA is now trying to get the best solution to help them.

Second reason is unemployment. Homelessness and unemployment cannot be separated. When someone has no job to earn money, then they will have hardship to afford house for them. Even, renting for shelter will be hard because they have no income. However, it is still better situation compared to the metal illness. Government and even social groups and non-profit organizations can provide them with solutions to solve the situation. There can be training programs so they can have better skills and knowledge and later they can have better opportunity to find jobs. Then, there can be job opportunities provided for these unfortunate people. The jobless people are mostly those who have got fired from the previous occupation. Thus, they have capability to work and what they need is opportunity.

Next, it is about price of housing. Nowadays, price of housing is very high. Even, renting houses or rooms in countryside or less popular areas still can be quite expensive. Those who have job may still have difficulties to afford the housing. Buying and renting houses will be much harder. In some cases, the homeless people actually had house or apartment in the past. However, they were forced to leave their housing because of the high price to rent or pay for the taxes. Their salary is not enough to handle the bills and they have to leave the house and become homeless. Of course, it is easier problems to solve compared to the jobless issues and problems regarding mentally ill people.

One of the programs available from government is the permanent supportive housing. The program can provide homeless people with rental assistance for long term. They can get supports from government to rent housing in more affordable price. With the support of government, it is very possible to happen. In addition to the supports in renting and even purchasing affordable housing, the homeless people can get proper trainings so they can be more competitive and get jobs to earn incomes. Actually, the permanent supportive housing is also dedicated for those who have mental illness. These people get support from government to get proper health care so they can have treatment and later they can have better conditions to start working.

Shared housing is nice program from government. As its name shows, the basic mechanism of program is to allow two or more people to stay together. They share the house and it can be cheaper. Of course, it cannot be permanent solution but it can be very useful for the short-term solution. Those who are homeless can stay with other people and even some homeless can share the house. By doing so, they can cut the expenses because the cost will be shared and it will be easier to handle. Government still provides the affordable housing for them and later they can stay together to reduce the costs. As they get better jobs and higher incomes, they can leave the shared housing and get better conditions. Of course, this should be helped and assisted by proper career opportunities and trainings. The shared housing will not be effective for long term and the homeless and jobless should start upgrading their skills and earn better incomes. These are some solutions and programs that can help those who are in need and these can really reduce the numbers of homeless and jobless people in USA.